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We’re here for the smiles. No stuffy office, long waits, or poking wires. 

Whatever your needs are, we’re here for you. Our staff will always take time to make sure you’re comfortable and they will keep you at ease during the entire process. We’re all here because we believe everyone deserves a great smile. Whether you’re knee-high or finely aged, we’ve got a treatment plan that’ll fit just right for you. 

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Dental X-ray

Our Tools

We want the best for our patients: the best technology, the best treatments, and the best smiles. Our doctors utilize low dose radiation digital X-rays, 3D scanning, and intraoral photography to build more efficient and precise treatment plans, custom-fit for your needs.

Braces Options

Plenty of Options

As a patient, you’ve got a lot of options. Traditional metal braces aren’t the only go-to anymore. We offer clear ceramic brackets and are proud to be one of the top practices in Arkansas offering Invisalign.


Making Impressions

Those old-school gooey impressions are out the door. Using our I-tero 3D scanner, we take an intraoral scan of your mouth to get a more accurate, less messy visual model.

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