PROPEL Accelerated Orthodontics in Springdale & Farmington

As much as we like seeing you, there’s a new chair-side procedure we offer that will cut your overall treatment time down significantly. If you’re ready to straighten your smile, but you’re not thrilled about long treatment times, PROPEL orthodontics can work with Invisalign® and traditional braces to speed the process up and provide you with faster results. Contact our dentist office in Springdale to schedule your consultation today!

Using a topical anesthetic that eliminates shots, we take 20 minutes to poke micro-holes in your mouth that stimulate bone remodeling and allow teeth to move faster into their new positions. It’s essentially like nitro-boost to your braces or Invisalign. It speeds up your overall treatment time, makes your progress more predictable, and can (in certain cases) allow us to treat complex cases that would have previously required surgery.

If you’re interested, or have any questions about PROPEL orthodontics, bring it up the next time you’re in the office or give us a call.


Are accelerated orthodontic treatments safe?

Absolutely! When administered by our professional team, PROPEL accelerated orthodontics are equally as safe as traditional methods

How quickly will I see results from PROPEL?

Each patient is different and your personalized treatment plan will include an estimated timeline. However, PROPEL accelerated orthodontics is known for working up to two times faster than traditional orthodontic methods.

Does PROPEL hurt?

With the use of a local anesthetic, the PROPEL accelerated orthodontic procedure is quick and poses minimal discomfort. This method works with your unique biology to allow for easier and quicker bone movement.

Who is a candidate for PROPEL Accelerated orthodontics?

PROPEL candidacy is determined on a case-by-case basis. However, most patients undergoing orthodontic treatment can benefit from PROPEL. In unique cases of severe misalignment, a personalized treatment plan will need to be created.