Our Staff Sets Us Apart

We truly love what we do. There is nothing quite like getting to know our patients during their time with us and being there when they smile a new smile for the first time. We want to make everyone feel welcome, like they have a real reason to smile every time they come to visit.


Mary - Front Desk Coordinator/Financial Coordinator

Having worked in all fields of dentistry, Mary is skilled for the job. Also, if you like animals, she’s your girl to talk to. When not at work, she raises animals on a ranch. 


Brandy - Clinical Assistant

Caring comes naturally to Brandy. She’s spent 15 years with us and rescues animals in her off-time. If you’ve ever been a patient, Brandy remembers your name.


Yvonne - Clinical Assistant

Yvonne does it all. She works with our new patients, gets them scheduled to start treatment, and even speaks Spanish.


Rocio - Clinical Assistant

Rocio can put a pair of braces on a patient faster than it takes to read from here to the end of this sentence. When she’s not working, she’s cracking jokes and playing pranks with Cecilia.


Amber - Clinical Assistant

Amber’s a bubbly blonde-haired ray of sunshine and is the fastest worker in the whole state. For real.


Devin- Clinical Assistant

If you pop your bracket on some popcorn on a Friday night, Devin’s your go to girl. She handles all weekend emergency calls and regularly works at our Farmington location.


Cecilia - Receptionist and Treatment Coordinator

Cecilia is the first person you meet as a new patient and works like our very own air traffic controller. She keeps track of your progress and treatment schedule, and makes sure you get that new smile right on time.


Maria - Clinical Assistant

Maria started as a receptionist then transitioned to the other side of the waiting room. She floats around from the front to the back and picks up any slack in between.


Connie - Office Manager

Dr. Stroope’s mother-in-law and honorary mom-of-the-office handles everything from payroll to making home-made baked goodies for our patients and staff. She keeps us organized and energized.


Amber - Front Desk Coordinator

Amber is the receptionist at our Farmington location and can handle more than a handful (she’s got two teenagers). She works the front, handling all payments, insurance, and she knows almost every patient that walks through the door.