5 Things Every Bathroom Should Have


Your dental hygiene routine in between your twice-yearly dental checkups is key to your overall oral health — and most of that all goes down in your bathroom. The Stroope Orthodontics team wants to be sure you have all the things you need to keep your smile healthy and clean, especially while your undergoing orthodontic treatment.

1. Toothbrush

This one is a no-brainer, right? Of course it is! However, when shopping for a toothbrush you see hard, medium, and soft-bristled brushes. Which one do you choose? Always go with the soft bristled toothbrush. Medium and hard toothbrushes can be too abrasive on your teeth and gums, leading to enamel abrasion and gum recession. A soft-bristled toothbrush will still clean your teeth effectively, and it may even save you some toothaches ( or even headaches) in the long run.    

*Remember to replace your toothbrush every three months or whenever the bristles start to look frayed.

2. Fluoridated Toothpaste

Fluoride protection is necessary throughout your lifetime to prevent tooth decay, but it’s even more important while you’re wearing braces and undergoing orthodontics. Fluoride helps your teeth resist the acids that cause cavities. Fluoride also prevents permanent stains that could occur and only become visible once your braces come off. Prevent cavities and stains by brushing with fluoridated toothpaste!

3. Waxed Dental Floss

Dentists are always after their patients to floss more. You might think you can’t floss with braces, but you can. Even more importantly, you definitely should. Flossing while undergoing orthodontic treatment will ensure that your teeth are healthy once you have your made-over, straight smile. Waxed dental floss makes flossing with braces more manageable because it is less likely to get stuck on braces or leave shreds behind like non-waxed floss.

*Learn more about flossing and brushing your teeth with braces here!

4. Floss Threaders

Floss threaders, small plastic loops that allow you to get to all those hard-to-reach places under, around, and between your braces. They’re inexpensive and disposable; pick them up at any pharmacy or grocery store or order them online.

5. Fluoride Mouthwash

With regular and proper brushing and flossing, you’re at the top of the class for fighting plaque! However, braces are plaque traps and there are still places you might have missed. The best way to get these tricky spots is to rinse twice daily with an anticavity fluoride mouthwash. The best way for you to keep on top of removing plaque, especially while wearing braces or undergoing orthodontic treatment, is to brush, floss, and rinse with mouthwash twice daily.

*Bonus: Using mouthwash also helps fight bad breath-forming bacteria on the other surfaces of your mouth, like your tongue, gums and cheeks.

Keeping these items in your bathroom is the first step toward using them regularly and maintaining good dental hygiene. If you get into the habit of using these dental essentials while going through orthodontic treatment, you’re even much more likely to keep it up after you have the smile of your dreams!

Don’t hesitate to ask the team at Stroope Orthodontics to give you additional tips or demonstrations! We are more than happy to help you master these techniques to get the most out of your oral hygiene habits.