Do Straight Teeth Improve Oral Health?


Many people equate straight teeth with attractiveness, and that's why they're content to don braces. Yet while they can certainly increase self-esteem, having straight teeth is important for another reason as well. In fact, straighter teeth can improve your dental health! Read on to learn why this is true.

Benefits of Straight Teeth

1. Straight Teeth Promote Gum Health

Crooked teeth aren't just unattractive; they're also bad for your gums. When your teeth are too crowded or widely spaced, your gums can become inflamed, irritated, and abnormally red. Your gums are more likely to collect harmful bacteria that isn't just bad for your teeth, but your overall health as well. Straight teeth, in contrast, allow gums to fit naturally around one's teeth. This promotes optimal gum health, keeping periodontal problems at bay.

2. Straight Teeth Keep Everything Cleaner

When your teeth are crowded, for example, food can get stuck in the tight spaces between the teeth. This, in turn, causes plaque buildup and even tooth decay. These are the exact kind of problems that can lead to cavities, periodontal disease, bad breath, and more. What's more, crowded teeth can be so difficult to floss that some patients abandon the task all together. Straight teeth thus make it much easier to maintain good dental hygiene.

3. Straight Teeth Protect Your Teeth From Wear & Injury

Crooked teeth can cause unusual amounts of wear and tear on your teeth. This is because they're constantly pushing against their neighbors, displacing them, and experiencing chewing forces at angles that aren’t ideal. This can cause complications later on in life, like sensitive teeth, jaw pain, and headaches. Moreover, if your teeth protrude, they're more vulnerable to getting knocked-out, cracked, and broken.

How Can Teeth Be Aligned?

If you don't have straight teeth, have no fear: there are plenty of options available to you, from traditional metal braces to tooth-colored ceramic braces to clear aligner therapy, and more! If you have any questions or concerns about the alignment of your teeth, contact our Stroope Orthodontics team to schedule an orthodontic consultation today.